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When I think about teaching, I think about passion. After twelve years in the classroom, constant revisions of curriculum and learning to “go with the flow” (something that, anyone that truly knows me understands to be one of the biggest challenges of my life!), passion is something that a teacher must have for his or her students, subject, a


nd everything they project in their classroom.  This is something that I strive to show on a daily basis, trying to keep things interesting for my students and never just settling for what I have “always done.”

Times, they are ‘a changin’.  Working in a 1:1 school has helped me to embrace this to the fullest, and I strive to show students how technology can be a tool in our classroom and beyond. Working with technology daily in English, as well as in the Journalism Publications classroom, I enjoy spicing things up, preparing fun activities for the kids that they might not expect, but will still help them relate to a concept in a new way for that wonderful “lightbulb” moment we all love to see in our kids.

I am looking forward to exploring my own personal passion through this blog: teaching and journalism.  Utilizing social media and multimedia is a new way for journalists to reach audiences, and through this blog, I hope to delve a little deeper into my analysis of the relationship between Journalism, social media, multimedia, and how I can use these tools in the classroom.

Want to see my students in action?  Check out our online student newspaper here.


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